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DataScholar Data Science Certification Test

Whether you are an established data scientist or an aspiring one, datascholar data science certification will add solid credentials to your resume. Employers today are looking for real talent and one way they qualify candidates is to look for certification from trusted sources. Our certification program is designed to test your grasp of real data science concepts.

Make no mistake, this is not an easy certification to get. You will have to work real hard to pass this exam. Each and every question is hand picked by our panel of experts to make sure that only the deserving candidates pass the exam. Data Scholar has a reputation to maintain and its very important for us to make sure that only real candidates with deep knowledge are able to pass this exam and get certified.

There is no set pattern or syllabus for this exam. This test is designed to test your skills and aptitude. If you have been a sincere student and know your concepts, you will have no difficulty passing the exam. You can also try to take a free trial test just to get a feel of it. You can also take the exam up to three times in case you do not pass the first time.

This certification exam is hard, but that also makes it very authentic and trustworthy in the eyes of the employers. Give it a try and take your career to the next level.

How Much Does it Cost

  • Certification test cost is $99
  • You get three attempts to pass the exam
  • You need minimum of 60 marks to pass the exam
  • Sample exam available
  • Exam focuses on your knowledge of machine learning and data analysis
  • 60 Questions in 60 Minutes
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