DataScholar is an online testing platform specifically built for hiring data professionals. Traditionally hiring managers have to sift through an ocean of resumes and have several screening calls just to find the right candidates for main interviews. This process is highly inefficient and does not give you a true picture about who you are selecting. DataScholar makes it very easy for you to screen the candidates in a very objective manner.

Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts and Business Analysts working in the data domain. The test is designed for all experience levels. You can give the test to recent college graduates as well as very experienced data professionals.

It's really very simple, you sign up, choose the right pricing plan, create your position, configure the test, upload a list of applicants (name and email address) and launch the test. All applicants take the test and in the end you get a ranked report about your applicants.

Not all data positions are created equally. DataScholar tests all applicants in four major areas: Business Acumen, Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Programming. When you set up a position, you can choose what areas need more emphasis in the test. E.g Let's say, you are hiring a data scientist. By default DS will construct a test with 40% questions from Data Science, 25% from programming, 20% from business acumen and 15% from data analysis. But you have the ability to change this distribution to match with your specific needs.

DS uses a proprietary methodology called complex adaptive testing. As the applicant starts answering questions, it automatically learns his/her abilities based on the answers given. As the applicant progresses in the test, the algorithm adapts to his/her level and accordingly designs the next set of questions.

This sounds complex , but it's not. By continuously learning and adapting to the applicant's skill level, the test automatically brings the applicant to his highest level of skills. For example it starts by asking simple questions and if the applicant gives right answers, it raises the difficulty. It will keep raising the difficulty till the applicant starts to give up. This ensures that the brightest applicants score the best and come on the top.

We have a very large question bank. Each and every question in this bank has been carefully selected by our panel of experts by drawing upon their decades of experience in interviewing and developing data talent. Applicants are tested in four broad areas.

Absolutely, this tool is meant for hiring managers, HR managers, corporate recruiters as well as agency recruiters.

Our pricing plans are very simple, you simply pay by the number of applicants you plan to invite to take this test. There are three packages. You can start with buying a 15, 30 or 50 applicant package. We call them credits. Any unused credits remain in your account for a period of one year. See our pricing page for further details.