Complex Adaptive Testing

Hiring the right data professional is not easy irrespective of the type of position and experience level. You have written a good job description, posted it online, reached out to recruiters and now starts the hard part. You are inundated with resumes and you are supposed to screen them all. You also want to establish a baseline before the interviews start. Wouldn't it be nice to have a standard online test for all the applicants which does the heavy lifting for you? But not all positions are created equal, you have your specific needs and certain experience level that you are looking for. Traditional testing methods fail to provide the flexibility you are looking for. DataScholar's complex adaptive testing solves this problem for you.

DataScholar Online assessment for data professionals tests the applicants in four areas:

  • Business Acumen
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Science
  • Programming Skills

It starts with you configuring the test for your open position by selecting the percentage of questions that will be asked from each area. This ensures that the test is specifically designed to fit your needs. Once a test is configured, all applicants will see the same distribution of questions from the four functional areas.

Once an applicant starts taking the test, our proprietary algorithm will start with simple questions. If the applicant answers them correctly, it starts to raise the difficulty. Throughout the test, the algorithm will keep raising or lowering the difficulty depending on how the applicant is performing. Higher difficulty questions carry higher scores. This ensures that only best performing candidates get top scores. You can also use the test scores as one of the inputs in your final hiring decision.

After an applicant completes the test, you get to not only see the overall score, but also the individual score in each of the four areas. This technique is time tested and works very well in assessing the true potential of the candidates.