About Us

Datascolar was built to solve only one problem. How do we test and screen data professionals given their unique skill sets. There are many testing websites on the internet today, but Datascholar was built specifically for data professionals testing. Today's Data professional possesses several skills and each job requires a unique combination of those skills. Datascholar is uniquely positioned to help recruiters and hiring managers screen their candidates.

Our Story

When we started building the Datascholar website, our biggest challenge was to find the right set of questions to truly test the skills and aptitude of the data professionals. It took us more than 2 years to perfect our tests and only then we decided to launch this service. Our data experts had a combined experience of more than 100 years in hiring and mentoring data professionals. We are glad that we took our time as what we have today is near perfect and works like a charm.

Our Company

Based out of New Jersey, DataScholar.io is a fully owned property of Aurange Consulting LLC.